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Why Not Community College?

1. Too Expensive Many of our students are “undocumented,” which means they would need to pay out of state tuition. The cost favors full time, local students who are legal residents or citizens. For them, a semester’s tuition is only … Continue reading

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Going to College in the USA

First, understand that the word, “college” in the US refers to study after high school, which is the first twelve years. After that, there are a number of choices. You can go to community college for two years and receive … Continue reading

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21st Century Learning

Well, it’s official! The established education community has concluded what we have known all along – to be successful, education must be personalized! At the Boston symposium of school officials and software producers, the attendees produced a “road map to … Continue reading

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Learning in College

By Tom Pinkham What are American students learning in college? Not much according to a new study. Forty-five percent of the 2,300 college students surveyed showed “no significant improvement in critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing by the end of … Continue reading

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Worried about the speaking part of the TOEFL test?

Everyone is afraid of the Speaking part of the TOEFL test. As a teacher of TOEFL students, I have found that if you follow these few steps, you’ll score high. Continue reading

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More on the College Level Test, CLEP

There is a great opportunity out there, and not enough students are taking advantage of it. It is called the “College Level Exam Program” (CLEP for short.) It is a complex of some 33 subject exams, on a variety of academic subjects that anyone can take, with just the payment of the $77 exam fee. Continue reading

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