Meet our students - more details
Jing Wang

LVA is a special place for me.  It is not only a school, it’s the education you can’t miss on your way to the American dream.  It’s a family, always ready to welcome you with love. LVA has been not only the touch stone for my American journey, it has been the key that opened my mind and shifted my life with the belief that – “I can make it.”
Three years ago, English was a new language for me.  The fear of being a beginner separated me from my intelligence. I couldn’t even understand a cartoon show for children. How could I pursue my career?  I nervously knocked on LVA’s door, in my broken English, asked for help. Our dedicated teachers led me through the world of grammar, reading, writing, and American culture. What I learned there prepared me for future achievements -- College. LVA, helped me pass the TOEFL exam. LVA taught me how to write my first academic research paper, which later led to two awards for research papers.  It is hard to count how many friendships I gained from the LVA School, or how much happiness, while I improved my English.
LVA taught me the value of America. I cannot just sit back as a spectator any more. I have to be a participant now. Now, I am studying at CUNY-Hunter College, one of the great colleges located in mid-town Manhattan. New York City is my studio. As a young   filmmaker, I am enjoying the most creative period of my life. I believe that my passion, my talents and my intelligence will lead me to higher levels of success.  But I know I could not have done anything without the help from all my lovely friends at the LVA School.


Gustavo Fontana

Hi, my name is Gustavo Fontana and I’m from Santa Fe, Argentina. When I arrived in Danbury I barely spoke English, so I decided to search for a school in the area. I found and visited several schools but after talking with Tom (he was really patient trying to understand what I was trying to say) I decided on the LVA School.

I studied at the LVA School for one year, and after that time I felt more comfortable with my language skills. I was able to communicate with people, to answer the phone, to read and write well. This improvement encouraged me to go further with my education, so I decided to go for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering degree at Fairfield University. I will be graduating on January 2010. Most of my classmates from the LVA School are also succeeding in their careers.

The high level of the teachers and my class mates made the classes interactive and interesting. We not only learn about grammatical rules, we also learn about history and different cultures, because we were people from all over the world. We visited museums,  went to parties and enjoyed being in class. One of the remarkable things about the school is the personalized attention of the teachers to the educational  improvement of the students, that makes the studies easier.

I just have to say thanks LVA, for helping me reach my goals!


Graziele Vieira

These simple words aren't enough to say how glad I am for being part of this family.  I learned a lot from all of you.  I won't forget Mr. Beam's funny and pleasant classes; the intense TOEFL training with Mr. Harvey; learning history from Maria; and improving my poor grammar with Tom.  I loved the time I spent with all my amazing classmates.  It's impossible to forget Lynn's kindness, her smile and how helpful she is.  I will always have these sweet memories with me. THANK YOU LVA, for all the knowledge you provided and all the kindness.
I miss you already!



Beatriz Hanashiro

I came to the LVA School because my sister-in-law introduced to me.
I learned many interesting things, such as the history of USA, and grammar.  We had practical classes and visits to museums,  and other events. I felt part of a family of cultural diversity. We had birthday parties, and even helped the school move to a new address at the end of 2007. It was amazing work!

This was an experience I will never forget, and if it could be, I wish to be a student forever in the LVA School.  I miss everybody!